You’re trapped in an unhappy marriage.  You thought you were marrying the person of your dreams.  Feelings of love, excitement and hope for a wonderful life together have been replaced with pain, anger, and loneliness.  Your efforts to make it better have led to more conflict and you feel misunderstood and more alienated than ever.

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"Marriage is hard work.  The same issues come up over and over.  This can be especially frustrating when your response to conflict is opposite or very different than your spouse.  Maybe trust has been eroded by infidelity or you’ve experienced some kind of marital trauma.  Some problems may seem insurmountable.


I offer a safe space to express yourself and talk about painful or difficult issues.  We will work together to build trust, deepen connection and address conflict. 


Restoration and true fulfillment are possible!  I am currently accepting new clients and have immediate openings.  Call today for a free 15 minute consultation."


You’re humiliated. You recently learned your husband is having an affair, hooking up with women, or using pornography. Your world has been turned upside down. You are constantly flooded with emotions - from shock & rage to despair. You wonder if you’re enough, if the life you knew was a lie, if the marriage will last, or if you want it to.


You waffle between feeling stupid for not knowing or ignoring your suspicions & hatred toward your spouse for hurting you. You wonder if you will ever feel yourself again. You are unsure how to make it through the day and how to make it through this.

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"I help women experiencing the pain of marital betrayal. The journey has many ups and downs and intense feelings of shock, fear, confusion, anger, and hopelessness occur moment to moment and are difficult to manage.


Through genuine acknowledgement of emotions and a deep understanding of the recovery process, I help clients find hope and happiness, transform into their best self, and experience true healing."


You’ve struggled with sleep for years. You're worried you won't fall asleep. You're worried you won't stay asleep. Taking sleeping pills seems like the only way, but you don't like the way you feel in the morning and you don't like taking them all the time.


You wish there was a way to sleep without medication. What if insurance quits paying for the pills? The doctor warns me that these pills aren't for long-term use. But you don't know any other way to sleep.

"I help individuals with chronic insomnia.  Sleepless nights, constant worry about sleep and daytime functioning, irritability, and the increased need for prescription sleep aids are just some of the issues with this pervasive problem. 


Through the use of  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – Insomnia (CBT-I), a program specifically developed to treat the underlying causes of insomnia, clients become normal sleepers, able to get to sleep easier and maintain sleep throughout the night without medication."

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Kristen Eden Warren, MS, LPC Associate,
supervised by
Russ Bartee, PhD, LPC-S

National Certified Counselor

Certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia

Certified Telemental Health Associate

About me...

I remember being a young girl and seeing the devastation in marriages from unhealthy relationships and infidelity. I was always interested in why it couldn't work out or why they didn't seek help. After experiencing pain in my own marriage and doing the work to overcome the seemingly impossible, I wanted to help others find the hope and healing I found.

My approach is focused on working through the difficult emotions to experience true healing, identifying the truth of beauty from ashes, and discovering a wholeness that was thought lost.

When I am not counseling, I enjoy time with my family & friends, gardening, walking, and enjoying the wildlife that visits my home.

If you are ready to take the next step, call or email me today.

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