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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) is the only scientifically proven non-drug insomnia treatment. CBT-I improves sleep in 70-80% of patients, is more effective than sleeping pills, and reduces or eliminates sleeping pills in the vast majority of patients.


Anxiety Therapy

Though anxiety is part of the human experience, if not well managed, it can lead to avoidance of life activities and a crippling fear and worry.  When anxiety becomes unmanageable, we are here to help.  Our providers are trained in the treatment of anxiety including cognitive restructuring, mindfulness, exposure therapy, and techniques to rewire the brain to act differently in stressful situations.


Trauma Therapy

Trauma can be a result of a single episode or continual exposure to traumatic experiences.  Sometimes it is easy to identify an event as trauma, but sometimes these events can be so small and seemingly insignificant, you do not recognize it as trauma.  Our emotionally focused approach will help you cope with the effects of trauma that may be adversely impacting your life.


Sexual Addiction

Compulsively acting out sexually to cope with the difficulties of life or to manage the effects of past trauma can be linked to sexual addiction.  When these compulsively sexual behaviors create difficulties in relationships or daily functioning, like school or work, it may be necessary to seek help.  We offer individual and group therapy for those struggling with compulsive sexual behaviors and maintaining sexual integrity.


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